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If you’re in Arlington, Texas and are having a spot of vehicular trouble, just give us a call at (817) 915-6118 and we’ll be there in a heartbeat to help you out. We are the Towing Angels, and we are there to help you any time you need it. We offer the most efficient, the most cost-effective and the fastest towing and roadside assistance services in and around Arlington.

Jump Start Experts in Arlington

 One of the worst things that can happen is that your vehicle’s battery dies on you. You may have left your headlights on by mistake, or there’s a problem with the starter, or, well, you just don’t know why your vehicle’s battery just died. You’re stuck in the middle of traffic and your car won’t start any more. Or, more dangerously, your car stalls in the middle of a busy highway. Or you’re stuck on a lonely road, late at night – alone – and your cars just gives out. It’s sometimes inconvenient, but a lot of times, it can also be very dangerous. Statistics show that about 35% of the calls for assistance across the US are due to dead batteries.

The Fastest Car Jump Start Service in Arlington, TX

Well, all you have to do is call Towing Angels and their network of licensed affiliates and we will be there to help you fix your vehicles’ battery. A lot of times, all the battery needs is a jump start. And most people do not carry jump start kits; it’s not the kind of problem you expect your car’s battery to give. Today, jump starting a car is no longer as simple as it used to be. Most vehicles have some level of computerization, and a lot of them are fully automated. Computers and computer chips don’t do well when subjected to sudden spikes in electricity. You vehicle’s entire computer system could get burned out if the battery is jump started incorrectly.

Battery Jump Start By Qualified Roadside Professionals

Another problem most people aren’t even aware of is that car batteries give out hydrogen gas. There is a possibility that a spark from trying to jump start your car could cause that gas to ignite, and your battery can literally explode in your face. And batteries contain highly corrosive acid, which can burn through clothes and skin on contact. Which is why you see technician wearing safety gear when jump starting modern cars. It’s really not as simple as connecting cables and starting the ignition any more. Another complication that can occur is that the car is parked in a confined place, where it would be impossible to hook up the dead car’s battery to another vehicles (think of a small garage with the car’s nose facing the wall). In these cases, special equipment is needed, such as a jump box, to get to the dead battery.

Always Call a professional – Towing Angels in Arlington, TX

Today, different brands of vehicles, as well as different models have different types of batteries being used. Not only that, the placement of the batteries within the vehicle also varies. So, you need to know where to look and what to do with a specific type of battery. Let our team handle it; we not only have experienced qualified technicians, we also have all the necessary equipment to make sure no matter where you are, we can help you jump start your vehicle. Towing Angels makes sure that there is every precaution taken to ensure your and well as your vehicle’s safety.

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We also know that such problems can occur any time of the day or night, rain or shine, winter or summer. And since we know that problems don’t come at convenient times, we make sure we are available to you any time.  Towing Angels works 24/7, with no breaks, not for any holiday. We also promise that we will be by your side fast as possible from having received your call. When you call our customer service center, we would encourage you to give us as many details as possible about your vehicle’s problem. This helps us ensure that our team is fully equipped to handle your concern. It also helps us give you an accurate and transparent cost analysis of the job to be done. We do not have any hidden costs. We only ask to be paid for what the job is, no more, no less.

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